My Prince Charming


I got stomach cramp and slightly headache today, so I decide not do too much today (aka do nothing and lay on my couch). I turn on my TV and start searching some movie, I finally found one that I never seen before 😃 it’s some teenager movie about a movie star that fall in love to a high school girl, it makes me thinking… mmm…. My Prince Charming

Talk about my Prince Charming, he should have at least this criteria….  Smart, have a great sense of humour, and adventurous…. 

You must be thinking why not handsome, rich, and have killer body… like all the stereotype prince charming… 🤪

Well, in my defense….  I need him to be smart because I like to talk about a lot of things, if he can’t catch up and have hot discussion with me then my life will be dead bored.

I need him to have a great sense of humor so we can laugh on our stupidity.

And I need him to be adventurous because I love to explore a new place. Believe me, I’m a simple girl, so holding hands and eat ice cream can make me happy to the roof… Hahaha

I don’t mine have possessive man because that is his way to show that he loves me (possessive….. not a psycho!!!…🤪)

Did I find him already?….. I would never tell you 😜


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