I arrived in Perth on spring time!!… It take a week before I go to Kings Park, somehow the weather is not too friendly for me (I don’t fancy cloudy day).

It only took 15 mins drive from my house to Kings Park, I leave my home around 10 am and on the way there it’s start raining… I told myself I will wait in the car park for while if still raining… the parking lot was pack when I arrived, apparently there were school visiting day and… thanks God it’s not raining.. I took my jacket from the back seat of my car, even thou it’s start sunny but the wind can make my bones shivers..

For your info, you can take bus to go to Kings Park. Take Transperth bus route 935 travels from St George Terrance to the Fraser Avenue Precinct, it’s free travel from the city or you can check on Transperth website or call 13 62 13 for more information. You can also join the scenic park tour

I suggest you come around 9 or 10 in the morning so you can browsing around without need to rush back to the CBD. This park also have bike to hire, you only need your credit card to hire an adult bicycle and helmet which stored in this box

I spend around 45 mins to browse around the park… you can see the city and the swan river from here.. it was a lovely day until it’s start cloudy again.. 😛

I rush back to my car and went to Carousel Shopping Center to get my lunch, oh there is few café in Kings Park, they have lovely sausage roll and cappuccino but my aim today for my lunch was Red Rooster ( I’m Red Rooster big fan.. best roast chicken and chips in Australia.. xoxo)


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